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The UPROVENCE-FAMILY-300x207PHI Story begins just out of high school. My grandfather (who I was living with at the time) had a horrible accident falling from his front stairs. Unfortunately months later he passed away. He left me a little cash and I wanted to bring his memories alive with an effort that would constantly remind me of him. With the unexpected resources my dream to make the printing industry more relevant exciting and fun was brought to a reality when my first company was created. I called it Rprovision Signs in memory of my grandfather. (Rpro… for Rick Provence (his name also) and Provision… for my unforeseen provision) I focused on the wholesale to trade sign industry and manufactured vinyl signs and banners out of my grandmothers newly spare bedroom. I purchased my first plotter and a decent computer with my inheritance. Knocking on doors and working endlessly I transformed my little business into a multi million dollar entity employing over 50 individuals in a 9 year span.

From a personal perspective, thinking I was bettering my family by spending most of time time away from them, & working hard on my now 9 businesses so that “eventually” I could spend all of my time with them I found myself never getting there. Chasing the almighty dollar I found myself on a mountain of money with no family. My family was crumbing right in front of me. My wife of 7 years left with our 4 children and I was left with plenty of time to think about life’s priorities.

God allowed me to see first hand that my identity in who I was as a business owner didn’t mean nothing. All that was free and God given was stripped away so that I could see clearly what I was doing and what or who I was taking advantage of. Although hard, but so worth it, I sold Rprovision in late 2013 to a friend and fellow printer in order to balance my life’s priorities.

A short time after my wife and I were reconciled and re committed our relationship and our lives to God and each other. This time around we work as a team. If she’s not involved then I have no interest. We started RMP Concepts (UPHI Media’s parent company) together and work at it together. We are committed to our clients. We value them as part of our family. We would count it an honor to add you to our story and we’re excited for the journey ahead. May God bless you and yours…

 – Rick & Mandy Provence

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