SELECT-ICON1. Selecting a Layout.
Selecting your website layout is the very 1st step in creating an online profit generating presence. Our designed websites are mobile friendly and search engine optimized. We believe in not just making your site look good but functionally designing it to be effective.

Our designers will work with you to customize the layout to best reflect your desired website functionality. We add your logo, branding colors & font styles to all your website pages keeping your website design consistent and easy to digest.

LAUNCH-ICON3. Launch, Maintain, & Manage!
Time to launch your new online presence! We don’t leave you hanging there though. We’ll educate you on how to manage your website content yourself or you can allow us to design a management plan for you to best suit your desired needs.



Simply pay your setup cost & 1st month to Get Started


$99 /mo.

    Unlimited space & bandwidth
    Green wind powered hosting
    Unlimited custom emails (500mb /ea)
    Single (long form) page layout
    Slider + up to 3 slides
    Local phone support


$199 /mo.

    Unlimited space & bandwidth
    Green wind powered hosting
    Unlimited custom emails (500mb /ea)
    *Up to 15 pages
    Slider + up to 5 slides
    SEO on all pages
    7 day backup service
    Basic Sitelock Scanner & Firewall
    2 Hours for Site Changes
    Local phone support


$249 /mo.

    Unlimited space & bandwidth
    Green wind powered hosting
    Unlimited custom emails (500mb /ea)
    *Up to 30 pages
    Slider + up to 5 slides
    SEO on all pages
    7 day backup service
    Advanced Sitelock Scanner & Firewall
    4 Hours for Site Changes
    Local phone support

* Pricing may vary depending on amount of content of each page. Pricing reflects 2yr agreement.

Need more info? No problem. Contact us for a free no hassle consultation.



Responsive Website Design

Your new website will look awesome on any device. Works great on smart phones, tablets laptops & desktop computers. The screen size doesn't matter. Your website will adjust the width per the viewing device.

Unlimited Green Hosting / Bandwidth

Our websites are hosted on green wind powered servers. No space or bandwidth limits to track. Also you get a free site badge from the EPA stating that your site is green.

1 - FREE Domain

Don't have a domain yet? We will supply a domain for you. We are a domain registrar through our preferred partner at Account Support. If you are needing additional domains or need to transfer a domain additional fees may apply.

Custom Emails

Unlimited custom web mail accounts. Create as many as you'd like with your domain's suffix. Keep in mind you are limited to 500 mb per email account. If you need more storage we can offer additional space for a small fee.

Local Phone Support

No frustration, responsive local support. Yes, you get an english speaking support tech to answer any questions that may arise. Remember as a web client of UPHI you also gain access to free marketing consultation.

Search Engine Optimized

Your site can be stunning and well designed but not visible on search engines like Google®. We utilized a tool built for Wordpress® called Yoast. Yoast is the leading tool used in optimizing your websites content for best search engine visibility.

Wordpress CMS

At UPHI we build on a CMS called Wordpress®, Wordpress® is a content management system platform. Wordpress® is by far the most popular and has the largest contributor base... Meaning locating tools that provide your desired features is easier. It's easy to use too.

Site Lock Security

We're an authorized re-seller for Site Lock® security. Site Lock® is an industry leader in malware detection and prevention. When opted in for this service, live scanners continuously search the files of your website for potential risk and when necessary automatically remove compromised files.

7 - Day Backups

Our backup service is a great low cost insurance plan for your website. Twice a day for 7 days we backup all the files & databases that make up your website. If an issue should ever arise we can, at any time, revert back to an archived copy of your site.


 Web Marketing

Now that your site is built and pretty we can help you push it to the masses. Allow us the opportunity to provide a free marketing consultation strategy. Web marketing services include: Search Marketing, Display Advertising, Lead Generation, Search Engine Optimization & Analytics & Reports.


 Social Marketing

Allow us to manage your companies social media platforms. We can design a consistent appearance across your entire online social presence. We can manage your social ad campaigns as well. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+, Pinterest, & YouTube.


 E-mail Marketing

Let us design, write and manage your email marketing campaigns. Turn an emailed request into a constant connection with your list of business. We use a tool called MailChimp, an email blasting tool we’re experts in. Call today for a free consult.

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Let us build your website for next to no cost.
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