Website Security

UPHI happens to be an authorized re-seller for a leading website security service SiteLock. SiteLock is a technology that does it all – Daily live scanning, automatic malware removal, & web firewall. A dynamic “Trust Seal” is included as a FREE added bonus with a SiteLock security package. uphimediaYour customers will feel safe while browsing & purchasing from your website. Request a FREE estimate below.

Do you have a website built on a content management platform? Your site is dynamic and requires constant updating to ensure protection against any file, plugin, or software vulnerabilities. If you’re not logging in consistently ensuring proper upkeep is being met, your site is extremely vulnerable to attack. Keep your site cutting edge and safe with our website maintenance packages. Please contact us below to talk more about a plan tailored for keeping your site safe.

Site Backup & Restore.. Safe guard your site with automatic online Backups! Our website backup service backs up your site multiple times daily for 7 days maximum. If accidental deletion or an attack should occur, simply contact UPHI with your concern and we can refresh a prior backup copy of your website within a short time period. Learn more about backups by requesting a FREE consultation below.




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