Window Display Graphics

Window Display Graphics

admin | Print | 10 December 2014 | 0 Comments

At UPHI we have been expanding rapidly and filling in identifiable gaps when necessary. This forces us to keep our eyes open for new needs and areas we are confident we can help. Although initially focused on being a web site design firm we have expanded in other areas of need that we have extensive prior experience in as well. We have now committed to offering small and large format printing solutions through our sister company, and not only provide the print… we also can install your project.

Yesterday we completed a vision film window wrap job. 15 windows applied with full color pressure sensitive graphics on all sides of our clients building. Vision film is the vinyl by which small holes have been die cut out of in order for the viewer on the outside to see a polished display and the user inside to view a kind of “tinted window” look. I guess a cool branded “one way mirror” of sorts. It turned out great and improved his curb appeal massively. On the inside we installed this (featured image) 10 window display above the sales room. Not only does his visiting clients reep the benefits of the inside display but his team as well.


It was cool for me to see the atmosphere in the place change as I was getting closer and closer to finishing the job. When completed you would have thought I slapped our favorite Cleveland Sports team logo on the wall. You will find attraction in this service. Maybe an added value to your tangible presence. Maybe as mentioned a tool to excite your team spirit. If potential customers are driving by every day without stopping and staring “Houston We have a Problem”.

Thats ok. That is why we are here. Give us a ring lets grab a chunk of time to get a coffee and chat about your dreams and where we can help with that journey. Im certainly looking forward to it. – Contact UPHI. We are ready and we are confident we can help. – R
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